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New Israel Fund to Launch Virtual 30th Anniversary Celebration

27 April 2009

Washington: On April 29, as a joint celebration of the New Israel Fund’s (NIF) 30th anniversary and Israeli Independence Day, NIF is launching the “Celebrate Israel Your Way” campaign. For the first time, NIF is asking progressive supporters of Israel to create a personal fundraising page to raise money and awareness for one of five cutting-edge issues. In creating a webpage incorporating personal stories, photographs and anecdotes in addition to provided materials, participants will have the opportunity to educate friends and family about a critical issue affecting Israeli society today.

The five topics participants will choose among are: Women, Patriarchy and Religion; Jewish-Arab Joint Living; Human Rights in the Territories; Invisible Israelis: Labor Rights for All; and Strengthening Democratic Values.

In a year of economic recession, NIF is counting on its supporters to act as virtual ambassadors, spreading the message and work of the organization to other progressives in their communities and beyond.

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The New Israel Fund is the leading organization advancing progressive, democratic change in Israel. Since 1979, NIF has provided more than $200 million, funding and founding the most important Israeli nonprofits fighting for human rights, social justice and religious pluralism.

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