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NIF CEO on the Fall of Netanyahu: “His Legacy Will Echo”

13 June 2021

Responding to the news that, after twelve years in power, Benjamin Netanyahu’s term as prime minister has ended, New Israel Fund CEO Daniel Sokatch released the following statement:

Former Prime Minister Netanyahu’s legacy was dominated by relentless delegitimization of human rights organizations, anti-democratic and racist laws aimed at Palestinian citizens and people seeking asylum in Israel, as well as attempts to undermine the justice system for personal gain. This is a legacy that will echo in Israel society even when he is gone.

As Netanyahu departs, the leaders of Israel’s new, ideologically diverse coalition have the opportunity to serve as a government that works for everyone. They can help Israelis heal from the terrible violence of last month and reassert that Israel is a country that believes in and stands for the values of equality and justice.

The vast majority of American Jews and so many Israelis — Jews and Arabs alike — have an abiding hope that this new government will choose to put Israel on a path of justice, equality, and democracy. As this new government is sworn in, we share that hope.

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