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  • First Feminist Orthodox Group Recommends Boycott Of Rabbinic Marriage

    30 March 2007

    Washington, DC: As fewer and fewer secular Israeli couples register for rabbinic marriage, the founder of Israel’s first feminist-Orthodox group, “Kolech,” recommended that secular Jewish women boycott the institution entirely. In a recent conference on “chained women” who cannot obtain religious divorces, Kolech leader Chana Kehat raised a stir by stating that the more distance women maintained from the rabbinate, “the better for the whole nation.” Kolech, known in English as the Religious Women’s Forum, aims to improve the status of women by deep-seated change in the Orthodox community, is a major grantee of the New Israel Fund, and also participates in NIF/SHATIL’s Pluralism Project.

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  • Sukkot and a “Precarious Roof:” The Shame of Arab Housing in Israel

    25 August 2006

    The Arab-Israeli A. R. family, until recently, lived in a small house in Gan Khakal Aleph, Israel. A neighborhood located in the mixed city of Ramle, Gan Khakal Aleph was built in the early 1950s, but on the master plan that controls all building in Israel, it has been designated as open public space since 1972.

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  • New Israel Fund Provides Special Assistance to Disadvantaged from North of Israel: Refugees Tell Their Stories from Relative Safety

    4 August 2006

    Washington, D.C. As the crisis in Israel wears on, the New Israel Fund is acting quickly to assist Israel’s most vulnerable people, and ensure their needs are met, their voices heard, and their rights respected.

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  • MEDIA ADVISORY: The New Israel Fund and the Current Crisis

    25 July 2006

    Washington, D.C., — The New Israel Fund, the preeminent funder and founder of social change organizations and coalitions in Israel, today announced immediate plans for providing special assistance to targeted grantees and sectors in Israel to respond to the current crisis.

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  • Foremost Progressive Zionist Group Leads LGBT Tour for Jerusalem World Pride 2006

    26 May 2006

    Washington, D.C. The New Israel Fund (NIF), the leading funder and founder of progressive civil society in Israel , is leading a special LGBT tour in Israel August 2-11, including participation in the World Pride events in Jerusalem . NIF was the first funder of Jerusalem Open House, Israel’s leading gay rights organization and lead organizer of Jerusalem World Pride, and has worked in Israel for 27 years for civil and human rights, social and economic justice, and religious pluralism and tolerance.

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  • Israeli Elections a Victory for Social Justice, but Concerns Raised about Arab Minority

    30 March 2006

    Washington, D.C. ” More than the victory of any one party or another, than plans for further territorial withdrawal, Tuesday’s election results were above all a victory for the civic, social welfare agenda that interests voters more than security and foreign policy measures in their daily lives”, wrote Ruth Sinai of Ha’aretz in the aftermath of Israel ‘s historic election this week. The New Israel Fund, the leading voice for progressive civil society in Israel , today expressed satisfaction that social and economic justice issues played a prominent role in the Israeli elections on Tuesday. NIF, a partnership of Israelis and Diaspora Jews working for civil rights and social justice in Israel , noted that the probability of a center-left coalition, including the surprising showing of the Pensioners’ Party, might well restore social and economic issues to the top of Israel ‘s political agenda.

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  • Israel’s Other Threats: NIForum to Debate Minority Rights, Religion/State Issues February 12

    30 January 2006

    Most American coverage of Israel centers on the peace process. While security issues remain paramount, two other unresolved issues threaten Israeli democracy.

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  • “Against All Odds” Draws Large Television Audiences

    26 January 2006

    An innovative Israeli documentary series initiated and co-produced by the New Israel Fund (NIF) is taking viewers behind the headlines and into the personal world of Israelis who are leading the nation’s social justice movement.

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  • “Against All Odds” Series Airs on Israeli Television

    21 December 2005

    Tonight, Wednesday, December 21, Israel’s Channel Two producer Keshet will air the pilot program of a new documentary series supported by the New Israel Fund (NIF) on the activists and organizations that make up Israel’s social justice movement. The New Israel Fund is the principal funder and advocate of progressive social causes in Israel, and has funded more than 300 Israeli NGOs since its founding in 1979.

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  • Media Resources for Intl. Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

    15 November 2005

    Since our founding in 1979, the New Israel Fund has pioneered funding and support for an array of organizations in Israel working for women’s rights and against domestic abuse, violence and the trafficking of women. More specifically, as part of our mission to strengthen democracy and promote social justice, NIF has led a feminist revolution in Israel by strengthening the women’s movement through financial and capacity-building support in order to combat violence against women and the feminization of poverty;

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