Applauding Independent Investigative Journalism

7 June 2023

Top journalists at The Seventh Eye, Israel’s only independent investigative magazine devoted to safeguarding independent journalism, free media, freedom of speech, and transparency, have been awarded the prestigious Sokolov Prize for outstanding journalism. An NGO, The Seventh Eye is funded solely by donations, including financial support from The New Israel Fund.

The Sokolov Prize went to The Seventh Eye Editor-in-Chief Shuki Tausig and journalists Oren Persico and Itamar Benzaquen. The judges noted that the publication had become “a central stage for deep discussions, and independent criticism of the Israeli media.”

The judges added that “Among the many achievements of The Seventh Eye are the ongoing documentation of hidden advertising in the Israeli media, comprehensive coverage in the trial of Israeli publishers and the investigation into the unprecedented methods used by Yedioth Ahronoth.”

The Seventh Eye is always there to point out the not entirely satisfactory way in which the Israeli media conveys reality to the public and to reveal to media consumers the hidden moves that take place behind the scenes and shape the content, scope and framing of the coverage of Israeli reality.”