Bring NIF Values to Your Passover Seder

6 April 2017

These cards were created by the 2016-2017 Froman Fellows: Emily Aronson, Deborah Goldberg, and Zach Plesent, first year rabbinical students at HUCJIR, who are spending this year in Jerusalem.

“Tonight, we celebrate our redemption from slavery and reflect on how we can act against modern-day oppression. We express hope for a world in which all experience freedom. When we end the seder with the words “L’shana haba’a b’Yerushalayim — Next year in Jerusalem,” we imagine the Jerusalem and Israel of our highest aspirations for peace and justice. On this night of questions we offer four more questions about how we can help make Israel a more just society for all of its inhabitants.”


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Photo via Flickr