Lighting a Beacon of Remembrance

20 April 2023

NIF Director of Donor Relations in Israel, Adi Tufik will act as one of the torchbearers at an alternative Israel-Palestinian Memorial Day event in Jerusalem next Tuesday organized by Free Jerusalem. She will light a torch on behalf of the Yesh Gvul movement, which has long sought an end to the occupation of the West Bank.

The event, which will be hosted outside of the Prime Minister’s office in Jerusalem, commemorates the 75th anniversary of the establishment of Israel and of the Nakba. Activists and leaders are gathering together to light the flame in the name of working towards a better future.

Tufik said, “Every day we struggle alongside Palestinians to liberate Jerusalem from the evils of occupation and oppression. This alternative event is our opportunity to come together as a community and remember how important the fight against occupation is. Solidarity will prevail.”