NIF Awards Yaffa London-Yaari Prize to Three Extraordinary Women

4 June 2015

Each year the Yaffa London-Yaari Prize is awarded to a group of extraordinary women who have established innovative projects working to advance women’s rights in Israel.

Orly Freund was recognized for establishing “Together from Darkness to Light,” an association that provides long-term group therapy to women and men who were sexually abused as children. The Association raises money through crowdfunding and selling goods and services donated to it. Orly said that her work helping victims of sexual abuse has helped with some of her own difficult child experiences as a victim of incest.

“No more freezing in helpless terror; no more relinquishing the control over my life and my surroundings. Today, I can stand up and say: No more! For me, helping other is helping myself,” she said.

Nadine Abu Elion is a Bedouin woman who grew up in the community of Rahat and now lives in Haifa. She was recognized for founding “The Mothers Group,” a cooperative that combines employment with a supportive community and mutual help in childcare. She founded the group to help mothers who lack family support.

Tal Palevsky is being recognized for her “Leaders for Coexistence” project, which she started this year in Jerusalem. The project engages Jewish and Arab girls to develop joint initiatives in their schools.

“The older I get, I feel that the most personal places have the power to change the world,” Tal said. “In my work as a teacher, I often feel that my greatest achievements are made in the “small” moments of paying personal attention to a pupil and in the message conveyed, often with a gaze alone.”

The Yaari family established the fund in memory of their mother, Yaffa London Yaari. London Yaari was one of the founders of the social services system in Israel and emphasized giving to the community, social solidarity and the advancement of women as equal citizens. They wanted to reward those who carry on in her tradition.