Defending Low-Income Renters

28 April 2022

The Shatil-led Public Housing Forum has successfully compelled the Amidar Housing Company — a state-owned housing company in Israel — to unfreeze the bank accounts of already-evicted tenants who allegedly still owe rent. Public Housing Forum chairman Danny Gigi thanked the Economic Affairs Committee chairman for his help, though he maintained that Amidar and the Ministry of Housing still have much work to do to end abuse of low-income tenants.

“We are determined to add pressure until the Israeli government makes a decision to restore effective public housing and bring in a comprehensive housing plan that will solve all these injustices,” Gigi said.

The Public Housing Forum also slammed the Ministry of Housing’s lack of transparency around their criteria for accepting public housing applicants. They are demanding that the Ministry publish more information on how they come to decisions on who is entitled to housing and why.