Ofakim Celebrates New Overnight Medical Center

30 October 2013

The lack of medical facilities is a major problem on Israel’s geographical periphery, particularly when it comes to emergency services. This has led to an over-reliance on philanthropic support instead of government institutions.

“Now the residents have 24 hour medical care like everyone else in the country, and they can see a doctor all day,” said Itzhak Krispel, who was active in the campaign. “Now the residents of Ofakim will be able to sleep soundly, the doctor is more approachable, the number of ambulances to the hospital will be reduced and we believe that this will lead to a greater life expectancy and will become equal to the rest of the country.”

Ahuzat Negev was established in 2008 as a grassroots initiative of Ofakim residents, with the aim of strengthening the city and the Negev at large. The organization runs service-oriented activities, and is also committed to intensifying advocacy and community organizing efforts related to equal allocation of public resources, planning, health rights, and local sustainable economic development.