Standing Together Against Violence Towards Arab Women

21 March 2019

After the recent murder of an Arab Israeli woman, Omdim Beyachad (Standing Together), joined a protest in Lod to call for an end to violence against Arab Israeli women.

Diana Abu-Katifan was murdered last week despite police knowing she was in danger. According to Omdim Beyachad, instead of protecting her, the police “reached understandings” with her relatives and returned her home. In a statement online, Omdim Beyachad said that she “was abandoned and paid with her life.”

They called on supporters to join a protest outside the police headquarters in the mixed Jewish-Arab town of Lod on Tuesday March 19th. The protest called for “an end to abandoning the blood of women.”

In recent years, domestic violence has risen in Israel, particularly in the Arab Israeli sector. A number of NIF-funded organizations are active in campaigning on this issue.

Photo by Hadas Parush/FLASH90