Itzik Danziger
Vice President in Israel
Ra'anana, Israel

Itsik serves as active chairman of Galil Software, a software company located in Nazareth and focused on outsourcing software development services to the hi-tech market. He also serves as an active board member of several other technology companies.

From 1985 through 2007, Itsik has been with the Comverse Technology Group in various senior management positions including: President of the Comverse Technology Group and President of Comverse Network Systems.

In the NGOs/public sector, Itsik serves as active board member of Avney Rosha, the Israel institute for school leadership- A JV between government and the third sector, of which he was one of its founders. In addition, he is an active board member of IVN (Israel Venture network), where he is involved in building the new social businesses sector in Israel. In 2004-5 he served as a member of the Israeli National Task Force for the Advancement of Education (Dovrat Committee), and was chairman of two of its subcommittees.

Itsik holds B.Sc cum laude and M.Sc in electrical engineering from the Technion and M.A cum laude in philosophy and digital culture from Tel Aviv University.