Rachel Liel

Rachel Liel

Rachel Liel is the Executive Director of the New Israel Fund in Israel. Read more about Rachel Liel...

At a time when it would be easy to give in to despair, our network is working harder than ever to defeat racism and incitement, and to build a shared and just society for all Israelis.

As Passover approaches my wish for all of us is that we will learn the lesson of the Haggadah in its deepest meaning, not only in order to remember the past, but also in order to shape the future.

Since the massive asylum seekers demonstration in Tel Aviv on December 28th, there has been a coordinated and unprecedented right-wing campaign accusing NIF/SHATIL and its grantees of instigating the asylum seekers as part of a wider strategy aimed at transforming Israel into a "state of all its citizens." This is one of the most concerted attacks on NIF for quite some time. For example, Ronen Shoval, who this week announced that he was resigning as Im Tirtzu chair, wrote the following in an op-ed: "Lurking behind the infiltrators is a series of organizations that seek to delegitimize Israel that are financed by foreign countries and funds (such as the New Israel Fund), whose goal is clear: to do away with Israel’s Jewish and democratic character." Similar allegations have been made by a number of other right-wing figures.

Rachel Liel responds to recent campaigns designed to intimidate progressive voices in Israel.

When I look back, I have no doubt that I joined the New Israel Fund because I was fortunate enough to know Nelson Mandela. So here is how it goes.