Briefing on Israeli High Court ruling on Asylum Seekers

2 October 2013

In September, Israel’s High Court struck down a law that imprisoned asylum seekers for years without trial. The ruling was a big win for Israeli democracy.

We invited Sigal Rozen of the the Hotline for Refugees and Migrants to speak about the significance of this decision, its practical implications, and its impact on the refugee and asylum-seeker community in Israel.


  1. Here’s my short, sad story….I have been going to Israel for 38 years, speak fluent Hebrew, etc. Two years ago I decided to convert and move to my kibbutz. I spent two years doing the whole deal; congregation, studying, Beit Din, Hatafat Dam, mikveh, all the immigration papers, etc. Was ready to move last Oct., but in August received a one sentence email from the Sachnut saying that they were not going to recognize my Jewish Renewal Conversion….After the initial shock, I thought well screw them, and converted again with Conservative and Reform rabbis….and am planning to move to Israel this coming Sept., HaShem willing….But this is all part of the issue of the Orthodox controlling the civil affairs. But things are changing, and more Reform, Conservative and Renewal congregations are popping up all over Israel — even in Tel Aviv. The future is all of us….!

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