Legacy Giving

Meet NIF’s Legacy Society Members:

Doris and George Krevsky

photo of Doris and George KrevskyErnest Hemingway once said, “Be thankful when you have good things to do and good people to do it with.” Doris and I have been actively involved with the New Israel Fund for over 20 years and have always been impressed with the professional and lay leaders we have encountered. They share our passion, focused on the work of the New Israel Fund, protecting and advancing equality and democracy in Israel. Through the programs we visited during our participation in NIF Study tours we were able to see, on the ground, grantees supporting moderate voices in the Orthodox Jewish community, fighting racial segregation, promoting peaceful relations between the Arab and Jewish communities and supporting Jewish–Arab partnerships. It was especially meaningful to help present NIF’s fine work toward achieving these goals through the prism of the arts, by initiating the creation of NIF’s Arts and Social Justice study tour.

As a young Yeshiva Day school student in 1948, I was proud and excited to watch the birth and coming of age of the State of Israel. As that State has matured to take its place among the community of nations, we hope that our support will enhance the work of the New Israel Fund. It is written in the Torah: “So teach us to number our days so we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.” For us it is a gratifying and wise choice to become a member of the NIF Legacy Society, and through our gift, the values we believe in will help ensure the biblical imperative for Israel to be a Light unto the Nations.

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