Legacy Giving

Named Endowment Funds

NIF is grateful to many individuals and foundations for establishing endowments, family endowments, memorial funds, and field-of-interest funds. These funds honor or memorialize individuals whose lives and values are reflected in the work of the New Israel Fund.

Tzippora and Moshe Ayalon Memorial Fund
Rosalyn Amdur Baker Endowment Fund
Boritz-Fromstein Fund for Human Rights
Janet Handler Burstein and Robert Burstein
Memorial Fund
Edith S. Coliver Human Rights Fund
Gerald Cromer Paths of Peace Fund
Ilana d’Ancona Endowment Fund
Franklin M. Fisher Family Fund
Gallanter Family Philanthropic Fund
Rita and Herbert Z. Gold Fund
Morris A. Gross Endowment Fund
A. Hiatt Fund
Mary and Samuel Hurwitz Social Justice Fund
Richard Israel Social Justice Fellowship Fund
Toby and Nathan Jelinski Fund
Kahal Foundation Special Fund
Naomi Kies Endowment Fund
Janet Kolodner and Michael Klein Social and
Civic Justice Fund
Clara Spitzer Lauder (Tanaka) Fund
Hollis G. Lenderking Discretionary Fund
Miriam Fligelman Levy Cross-Cultural Prize
Levy/Berenstein Endowment Fund
Linda B. Miller Endowment Fund
Arthur Minden Endowment Fund
Raquel Newman Fund for Professional
Josephine Bay Paul Endowment for the
Center for Law and the Child
Raicus Fund
Hirsch and Braine Raskin Endowment for
Youth and Education
Allan Risk and Daniel Gelfant Foundation
Esther Leah Ritz Endowment
Elizabeth Seelig Fund
Rose L. Shure and Sidney N. Shure
Endowment Fund
Silk Endowment Fund
Wendy Weiker-Gordon Memorial Fund
Josephine Weiner Fund for Social Justice
Rudolph and Sarah Wyner Fund
Yaffa London Yaari Scholarship Fund
Edith and Robert Zinn Endowment Fund

Disclaimer: New Israel Fund is not engaged in legal or tax advisory services. Please consult with your professional advisor as to which giving vehicle is right for you, and when creating bequests, seek drafting and counsel from an attorney.