Legacy Giving

Meet NIF’s Legacy Society Members:

Joe Goldman and Adam Green

We’re humbled to include the New Israel Fund in our estate planning because Israel is our home away from home. NIF’s grantees are working for  a safe Jewish democratic Israel that treats all of its citizens with dignity and respect alongside a free Palestinian state. 

The historic protests in Israel for democracy and against Netanyahu’s judicial coup started because of NIF’s grantees. Thanks to NIF, Israel’s pro-democracy, pro-pluralism majority is standing up for itself in ways unseen since our childhoods, if ever. NIF was made for this moment! 

While we don’t expect Israel or any other country to align perfectly with our progressive aspirations for the U.S., we give to Planned Parenthood, the Human Rights Campaign, and the ACLU, so when it comes to Israel, why wouldn’t we give to NIF?!  NIF is in the vanguard of fighting for equality and shared society for Jews, Palestinian/Arab citizens of Israel, LGBTQ people, asylum seekers, women, non-Orthodox Jews, and guest workers, as well as demanding liberation of Palestinians living under occupation. 

Though we plan on being around for a long time — and supporting NIF along the way — we wanted to ensure that our enduring love for Israel continues well into the future. 

Gen X and Millennials, it’s time to have our affairs in order. Join us in the NIF Legacy Society when you do!

Disclaimer: New Israel Fund is not engaged in legal or tax advisory services. Please consult with your professional advisor as to which giving vehicle is right for you, and when creating bequests, seek drafting and counsel from an attorney.