Legacy Giving

Meet NIF’s Legacy Society Members:

The Janet Handler Burstein and Robert Burstein Memorial Fund

Endowed by their son and son-in-law Mark Burstein and David Calle

Robert Burstein and Janet Handler Burstein (z”l)

My parents’ passion for Israel ran deep. My mother grew up in a Zionist household and my father’s strong belief in philanthropy was quickly channeled into work for the United Jewish Appeal. Their first trip to Israel, in 1973, which we took as a family, and a beloved cousin’s decision to make aliyah, strengthened their connection. Multiple visits ensued. My sister, Julie, and I joined Young Judaea, a Zionist youth movement. I spent a gap year in Israel on a program called Institute for Youth Leaders from Abroad and then my junior year abroad at Hebrew University. My parents’ frequent visits turned into apartment rentals during the summer and during my mother’s sabbaticals from teaching. My mother’s research also moved from Victorian literature to contemporary Israeli film and literature.

Throughout this time my parents searched for ways to marry their passion for a pluralistic society based on progressive values with their love of Israel. They wanted to support an Israel where Arabs and Jews worked together to build the State. They discovered the New Israel Fund in the early 1980s and became consistent yearly donors. NIF provided an opportunity for my parents to invest in Israel’s future by supporting like-minded Israelis’ efforts to build a state according to the values they shared.

Before my mother passed last year, my husband, David Calle, and I discussed many philanthropic options that would memorialize my parents. We decided an endowed fund at NIF would truly represent my parents’ passions and values. I was fortunate enough to also discuss the idea with my mother a few months before her death. She readily agreed that supporting NIF’s work in perpetuity through an endowed fund would be a fitting legacy for her and for my dad who passed several years earlier.

David Calle and Mark Burstein

David and I feel honored to be able to establish the Janet Handler Burstein and Robert Burstein Memorial Fund at the New Israel Fund. We have also made a commitment to have the endowed fund in our will and to continue to contribute to the fund yearly in my parents’ name. Knowing this fund will carry my parents’ passions and convictions forward inspires me every day.

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